Editing Services

Conceptual/Developmental editing
  • Maybe you have an idea for a book, the rough outline of an essay, or a very rough draft of your manuscript. The pieces are there, but what do you do next? Depending on the status of your project, We’ll help you with your concept, your structure, or both.
    • In the conceptual editing phase, we’ll work with you to ensure the scope or concept of your project is feasible, plan the overall structure of your piece, and organize your thoughts into a cohesive outline.
    • During the structural phase, we’ll take a big picture approach to address the overall flow of your work. We’ll assist you with significant structuring or restructuring of your manuscript, focusing either on a deep dive of paragraph-by-paragraph or broadly chapter-by-chapter.
Substantive editing

In substantive editing, we’ll review the content of your work to check the accuracy of the information and whether your argument or purpose is being clearly communicated. We’ll consider questions such as: are the ideas clearly developed and articulated? Are there any major logical holes or flaws?

Line editing

Do you have a draft that flows well or proceeds logically and is factually sound, but is stylistically dissatisfactory? In line editing, we’ll comb through your manuscript line-by-line to consider both syntax and word choice to ensure that your prose conveys your tone and meaning clearly and as intended.

Copy/Mechanical editing
  • If you’ve got a draft that is structurally complete and factually correct, maybe all you need is a good copyedit! As a copyeditor, we’ll review your manuscript for grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes, stylistic consistency, help you identify and correct the use of passive voice, and excessive use of jargon. If necessary, we can also work with you using your field’s style guide (ex. Chicago Manual of Style, APA, or MLA) to make sure that your manuscript conforms to the citation style and that your references are complete. 
  • Although many people use the terms “copyediting” and “proofreading” interchangeably, proofreading is specific to the printed version of a book or manuscript after it’s been designed and formatted (called a “proof). Although many publishers have their own in-house proofreaders, we are happy to offer this service and give your book or manuscript a final review before it goes to print if they do not. 
Specialized editing
  • Manuscript formatting
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae editing
  • Thesis/Dissertation formatting
  • Indexing
  • Plagiarism checking
  • Legal research/writing
  • Blue book formatting

Coaching Services

  • Writing
  • Career
  • Speaking/Presentation
  • College prep

Historical Consulting Services

We offer a variety of historical consulting and/or contracting services, including:

  • Preparing a National Register nomination.
  • Exhibit production, including researching, writing, reviewing, and revising exhibit copy for museums.
  • Processing archival collections.
  • Conducting historical research for court cases.
  • Drafting a brief history of an organization, company, town, or community.
  • Transcription of historical documents.

Have a project not listed above? Contact us and let’s see if our skills are a good fit for your needs!